December 5, 2018

Splitting Network Functions in 5G

5G networks are expected to support various applications with a high flexibility meeting diversity of requirements in terms of latency, data rates and massive connectivity.   A 5G network function (NF) supply a particular capability to support communication through a 5G network. NFs are normally virtualized, but some functions may need addition of more specialized hardware. NFs can be the functions that are common functions which are essential for all […]
September 6, 2018

C-RAN functional split in 5G

The C-RAN (Cloud, Centralized, and Co-operative Radio Access Network) architecture, firstly proposed by China Mobile in 2011 [1] will be one of the very important technologies in the 5G. In this network architecture, base station, known as eNodeB within the LTE network architecture, is disaggregated into two parts: the Radio Remote Unit (RRU) and the Base Band Unit (BBU). The separation is enabling different advantages, like the possibility of sharing […]