Shammi Farhana Islam

December 20, 2018

Massive MIMO with 3D Beamforming in mmWave Band

Why mmWave? With the increasing heavy traffic due to HD video transmission, virtual reality, Internet of Things (IoTs), it can be predicted that existing 4G LTE will not be enough to meet the demands that networks will face in near future. Hence, 5G technology is just about to replace the existing 4G LTE and hit the market hopefully by 2020. 5G technology will offer a network which will be more […]
September 16, 2018

Data Compression

Distributed source coding (DSC) is a data compression technique that deals with two physically separated but statistically correlated sources which do not communicate with each other [1]. A DSC scheme depends on the basis that the encoding will be separated, but with joint decoding of the dependent sources. Moreover, with the DSC theory, independent encoding can be designed as efficiently as joint encoding. Furthermore, sometimes the correlated source signals are […]
September 16, 2018

3D Beamforming

3D beamforming is being considered as one of the enabling technologies for fifth generation (5G) wireless networks alongside mm-waves with higher bandwidth, massive MIMO, etc. As the current cellular networks deployed so far, it is seen that the antenna elements at the base station (BS) or the access point are arranged along the horizontal axis to cover beam pattern radiation in the horizontal plane. This arrangement is known as 2D […]