George Datseris

December 18, 2018

Network management platforms over loosely-coupled resources of heterogeneous RANs

Network management platforms over loosely-coupled resources of heterogeneous RANs The post below, is an oversimplification of the subject for the benefit of non-technical readers and the general public. Introduction In today’s telecommunication industry, the internal infrastructure of mobile operators comprises of a complex architectural implementation with a large number of hardware elements used to run the network. The picture below is a simplified version of a 5G network showing just […]
September 19, 2018

Using MBrace for evaluating the network response over a stochastically- posed load set

One of the common ways to evaluate of the robustness of a network infrastructure is to estimate its behavior under a set of conditions that can vary in a non-deterministic way. In order to achieve that, a model that depicts this behavior as a function of the aforementioned load is needed, along with a Monte Carlo analyzer. Such a scenario was implemented using MBrace as a means to familiarize oneself with this […]
September 19, 2018

Applied Machine Learning in Network Optimization

Machine learning for wireless networking has the potential to provide a breakthrough in network management and optimization.This article, details the basic workflow of how the basic workflow model can be applied in the network context. The main phases involve problem formulation, monitoring and data collection, data processing and analysis, model construction, model tuning, model deployment and inference. Although these phases have prominent correlations and inter-dependencies, this workflow provides a high-level […]